I crave the wonder of the March,
The leaves they stammer to die on mark,
The bird she cries songs of the Lark,
Deepness exudes breaking through stark,
The prayer of beginnings one does harp,
Stabbing the notes and tones with a sharp,
Ears are wavered in sound so tart,
But all arise, embrace and take part,
Everything dies and in knowing it’s a start,
Glass is shattered smell of the chard,
Be in the deep don’t play the card,
Struggle is a given don’t be so hard,
Live in the full be loud as the Bard,
Eve is alone she lives as the marred,
Break through the cage let not be barred,
Be of diligence and reap your reward,
Collect all experience be full as the Gourd,
Trust in yourself be true to the word,
For lies are so small but loud to be heard.

– RAmccolley (c) 2013

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